Glitter Butterfly Glass Oil Burner

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Glitter butterfly Glass Oil Burner.

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Glitter Butterfly Glass Oil Burner

This Glitter Butterfly Glass Oil Burner has a beautiful glass plate oil burner is complimented with its glittering butterfly silhoette.

This oil burner with a Glitter Glass Butterfly Design is safely packed into a gift box to help prevent breakages.

Product Code: MMOMHE268

This Glitter Butterfly Glass Oil Burner includes:

  • Decorative Glass Oil Burner
  • Glass Oil Bowl
  • Gift Box


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Discover the delights of the wonderful world of wax melts. Fill your home with the beautiful aromas available to you today.  Wax melts have become so popular recently that many people of using them and enjoying the fragrances around the home.   We have an array of different oil burners to choose from to suit all budgets.

Our handmade wax melts compliment both the traditional oil burners, electric wax melters and Aroma Lamps.  (Always read the safety advice)

We have a good selection of designs available from glass, metal and ceramic.

The Glitter Butterfly Glass Oil burner will be a stylish asset to any home.

 Oil Burner Safety

It is important that you use your oil burner safely as it can be potentially dangerous if not used correctly.  Especially when using a naked flame with the tradional Oil Burners.


  • Safety must be a primary consideration when deciding where to place your burner while it is in operation.
  • Ensure there is sufficient wax in the oil well / bowl at all times.  Heating the bowl from below whilst there empty could cause the bowl  to crack as there is nothing to absorb the heat.
  • Always use a good quality tealight, because using poor quality tealights couse impair the heat exchange to your burner.
  • We recommend using the 4 hour tealights instead of the 8 hour larger tealights.  The 8 hour tealights mean the flame is closer to the oil well / bowl and therefore could create too much heat which could crack the oil well / bowl.  (However, the only time you should use a large tealight is in a large oil burner / wax melter where the smaller tealight cannot generate enough heat to enable the wax to melt and trigger the hot scent throw.)
  • Keep the wick in the tealight well trimmed to ensure the flame does not touch the underside of the dish.
  • Never move your oil burner / wax melter whilst the wax / oil is hot and the tealight is alight.
  • Place your burner on a secure heatproof and fireproof surface.
  • Never use a sharp object to remove wax. Using a sharp object can scratch, damage or weaken the structure of the bowl and will be at risk of breakage when next in use.
  • Please ensure your oil burner is well out of the reach of children and pets as hot wax can burn.
  • Every home should  have a working smoke detector, if not, now would be a good idea to invest in one.
  • Never leave your oil burner unattended and be mindful to extinguish before leaving home.
  • Place your burner carefully away from curtains and any flamable materials or volatile liquids and open windows.
  • Keep away from volatile liquids (perfumes, solvents such as nail polish remover etc.
  • Finally – we recommend that you do not leave oil burners operating while you sleep.

By following these simple and sensible precautions, you will stay safe and be able to enjoy what oil burners can do for you.

Top Tip: We recommend washing the oil dish in warm soapy water before first use.

Removing Wax from your Oil Burner

There is an simple way to remove your wax from your oil burner if you follow these simple instructions.

  1. Extinguish your tea light and allow your burner to cool completely
  2. Remove your tea light from your oil burner
  3. Depending which type of oil burner you are using you can either place the glass bowl or the whole ceramic oil burner in the freezer
  4. Leave in the freezer for 10-20 minutes
  5. Remover the oil burner from the freezer and you should be able to push the solid wax out of the burner easily
  6. Place wax in a small plastic bag and seal for later use or discard if finished
  7. Allow your glass bowl or ceramic oil burner to return to room temperature before re-using
  8. As a result of using this method, your oil burner will be ready to use
  9. Finally place your new wax melts onto the oil burner and light your tea light.

Freeze and release! It’s as easy as 123!

Can you use Oil Burners for Wax Melts?

If you are thinking about buying an oil burner here are some useful facts from our supplier regarding our oil burners.

I am sharing this information after me reading advice on oil burners, wax melters and Aroma Lamps from my supplier

As far as my supplier is aware all oil burners available to us are suitable to use with wax melts.

Infact interestingly, according to our supplier,  some eletric burners are only designed to be used with only wax melts and NOT with oils.  Meaning all oil burners should be perfectly safe being used with wax melts.  Obviously all safety issues and precautions would still apply.

What Our supplier says….

The Following statements are referenced to from my supplier of oil burners and wax melters

“To the best of our knowledge, there is only one reason why some manufacturers are sometimes ‘on the fence’ as to whether their products are suitable for use with wax, and as such you can sometimes find little paper advice slips inside the packaging of oil burners which have statements such as ‘it is not recommended to use wax melt products with this item’.

The reason, as far as we are aware, boils down to (excuse the pun) the size of the bowl, or dish.”

  • The burners available vary in size, the size and depth of the boels will also vary in size.
  • When using oil you can see the exact amount you are adding. You can make sure it does not overflow. So it is obvious when to stop adding oil.
  • Wax Melts are not in a liquid state when added to the bowl. They may also vary in size, shape and volume.
  • Add small amounts of wax at a time to ensure the bowl does not overflow.
  • For the reason above some manufacturuers therefore steer clear, with caution, of recommending use with wax melts. You only know once the wax has melted if you have added too much.
  • If the bowl / dish is small (as with some of the burners we sell), then a medium or large wax melt, once melted, may overfill the bowl with wax, and cause the wax to overspill.
  • Now – and we cannot make this clear enough – overfilling your burner with wax is dangerous, and is a serious safety concern! Overflowing wax can cause fire!
  • However, to the best of the knowledge of our supplier, there is no reason why any burner cannot be used with wax melts, so long as the wax is added gradually, and with care.
  • By gradually adding small chunks of wax and monitoring the fill level in the bowl will help to avoid overspills.
  • As far as we are aware, there are no other reasons why any of our burners cannot be used with wax melt products.

Please Note:

Use an appropriate sized tealight whilst operating any of our burners. (particularly smaller ones). Avoid using a large tealight in a small burner. It could heat the bowl too much causing it to crack. There should be no concerns with overheating if you use a small tealight in a small burner.

However, please find below some further general advice.

It is important to note that we consider the following points to denote ‘proper and appropriate usage’:

Please note: the above text is intended to be general guidance for using our oil burner products.  It is true to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing. The above guidance does not constitute legal advice, and the selling decisions of our customers must be taken solely at one’s own discretion, and fully in conjunction with one’s own research on the subject.

Our supplier has provided the advice on the above information.

PS.  Hopefully the above information can clarify any concerns you may have. I personally have 5 different styles of burners around my home and use them on regular occasions. I tend to use x2 wax melts at a time and find this is an adequat amount per burner. However, I know a few of my customers use more melts at one time. It is best to use 1 or 2 wax melts or 1 or 2 pieces of snap bar, at one time and allow to melt, before adding more to your burner.