About Us

Melting Moments of Madness is a small company making bespoke handmade scented soy wax melts.


Hello my name is Shicane, first of all, I would like to welcome you to Melting Moments of Madness.

I started to make Handmade wax melts as a hobby and to gain experience of how to build a business while having fun at the same time, which family and friends took an interest in.

My mums friend Lisa, was a real role model and helped me to get started, she gave me a fantastic opportunity and put her trust in me. Lisa has been a great support network and inspiration to me and gave me the confidence and know how to proceed on my own.

I was 16 years old when I first started, just started a business course at college, and one of the modules was to create a small business and any profits went to a local charity (Bury Hospice).  This then become a hobby and I made the melts in my spare time when I wasn’t busy doing assignments. As a result of family and friends enjoying my wax melts and keep requesting I made more, Melting Moments of Madness was born.  Through word of mouth others wanted to try my melts and slowly my customers started to grow.  I gained many tips throughout my course. I have gone from having a small variety of around 15 fragrances to over 200 fragrances to suit all preferences.

Melting Moments of Madness has became a sucessful business over the last 4 years and is now well established, after being up and running since 2016 through word of mouth, facebook and our Website.

Shicane S

“My venture started as a business college project when I was just 16 years old”

Wax Melts

All wax melts come in a variety of different shapes, colour and shades may vary due to being handmade, this makes each individual wax melt unique. I use soy wax for my wax melts and wax melt bars which are eco and vegan friendly as the wax has not been tested on animals.

There is something for everyone as we have an extensive fragrance range, here at Melting Moments of Madness.  Brighten your homes with beautiful aroma using our handmade wax melts, which will set the trend to use Melting Moments of Madness for your wax melts in the future.

Our wax melts collection is growing rapidly and there are now a few catagories to choose from ranging from, Designers and Perfumes Types, Fresh and Clean, Fruity, Natural Earth and Sea and Seasonal fragences are just to name a few.

Whatever your scent preference is, I am sure there will be plenty for you to choose from.

We will try to cater for all your needs, therefore if there is something what you do like and we do not have in stock, drop us a line and we will try our best to source it for you.

Future Plans for Melting Moments of Madness……

  • Finish adding our oil burner and gift set collections
  • I have plans to introduce a range of favours suitable for weddings, Christenings, birthdays and baby showers.  Please send us an email if you are interested in this service.  We may not have yet had the opportunity to add this to our website but we can still make allowances to cater for your needs. For enquiries please email us at [email protected]
  • Add a Wax Melt Snap Bar collection to Melting Moments of Madness in a wide range of fragrances.
  • Introduce our Wax Melt Cones to our website
  • Introduce our bathtime boutique soap and bomb range.
  • We hope to add a new suprise department with feature products.
  • Finally, fully complete and update our whole website.

This will take time.

I hope you will all enjoy browsing through our products, once you have tried our wax melts which are all hand poured and home made.


Have been operating for

4 years!

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