About our Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers are an ideal safe and excent alternative way to fragrance your home where the use of candles and tea lights are not an option.

We offer only the highest quality reed diffusers and ensure our mix will produce a fantastic infusion of scent to enrich your home.

What is a reed diffuser?

A Reed diffuser is a combination of high quality fragrance oil or essential oil mixed with a special base oil. The fragrance/essential oil will evapourate and disperse fragrance into the room. the reeds are used to clevery draw the liquid mixture upwards and out of the container glass to then enable the fragrance to diffuse throughout the room.



Reed Diffuser Base Oil

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We use a reed diffuser base oil which is rich in quality, it is a state of the art diffuser base pioneered using innovative technology from Soya Based renewable resources.

The base oil we use is non-toxic, low in carbon footprint and low in odour wich means it gives a superior performance when enhancing fragrance.

The Base Oil

  • Eco Friendly
  • Enhances Fragrance
  • Gives Optimal Evaporation
  • Highly Soluble
  • Non Toxic
  • Compliant with VOC legislation
  • Low Odour
  • Low carbon Footprint


What comes with a Melting Moments of Madness reed diffuser and how to get the best scent throw from your diffuser?
Each reed diffusers comes with an attractive glass bottle, which is already filled with the fragrance oil, currently 100ml,  this could be sunject to change. Also it will come with a set of natural black rattan reeds for placing inside the bottle.It will come boxed.

It is simple to set up your reed diffuser. all you need to do is remove the silver screw top before carefully pulling out and disposing of the plastic plug. Place the silver screw top back on before inserting the reeds and spreading them out. To encourage the fragrance to travel up the reeds once emreged into the fragrance, carefully turn the reeds upside down, making sure you do not get any oil on your hands in the process.  Turn when required to add an extra boost of fragrance. We recommend that you turn your reed once every week to encourage the scent.  Ensure that the reeds are spread evenly.

How do Melting Moments of Madness reed diffusers work?
Reed diffusers are a fantastic way to add a constant injection of fragrance into your home 24 hours a day. They feature reeds which transfer the fragranced diffuser oil from inside the glass where it naturally disperses up into the atmosphere through evapouration.  Reed Diffusers are an added optional choice to fill your home with your favourite flame free fragrance.

How long do Melting Moments of Madness reed diffusers last?
Our 100ml reed diffusers last up to 12 weeks plus, the fragrance oil will evapourate slowly giving ou long lasting fragrance.  Do not through away your deffuser once it is empty.  You can recycle and reuse your glass bottle time and time again by purchasing a refil.

My diffuser is not giving off as much fragrance as it used to, what can I do?
If you have been using your reed diffuser for a considerable amount of time, it may be possible for your reeds to gain wear and tear, via the means of clogging up due to everyday household dust.  The fragrance oil then may struggle to travel up the reeds to allow the fragrance oil to evapourate. It may simple require you purchasing a new set of reeds. We recommend between 6 – 9 months aproximately change your reeds to prevent household dust clogging up your reeds. then you can once again enjoy the full fragrance of your reed diffuser.

Reed Diffuser Safety InformationReed Diffuser Catagory

  • Place out of reach of children and animals
  • Place where they are not likely to be knocked over or spilt
  • Diffuser fragrance oil can stain fabric, have an affect of varnaished or painted surfaces
  • Make sure your reed diuffuser is placed on a stable surface
  • Do not place in direct sunlight, as it may cause the oil to evapourate faster
  • Do not place near other hear sources i.e, radiators or open fires etc
  • remove from the bathroom if there is steam because it may have the same effect as heat
  • Keep away from open flames due to fragrance oil being highly flamable
  • Avoid Diffuser Fragrance oil coming into contact with your skin as may cause irritaion
  • Fragrance oil is not for cosmetic purpose
  • When refilling your bottle we recommend you wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly afterwards
  • Do not use diffuser fragrance oil in your oil burner because it is highly flamable
  • You should not mix with water or you may ruin your reeds
  • Avoid reed diffuser coming into contact with your eyess
  • Do not swallow

Finally sit back, relax and let your reed diffuser do all the work and enhance your home with fragrance.