Using Wax Melts 2020

Using Wax Melts

Wax Melts

There is nothing better than walking into a room which is alive with the fresh aroma! Wax Melts are becoming increasingly popular these days in comparison to when I first started making them in 2016. There are so many vendors to choose from and so much choice in frangrances. Wax melts can be used with either the traditional type of Wax Melter which uses a tealight or there are more and more Electronic Wax Melters on the market these days. Whichever type you choose the outcome is still the same… to fill your home with fragrance. Therefore wax melts are a perfect choice for everyone to use.

What is a Wax Melt?

Wax Melts are small, scented chunks of wax, which come in various colours, shapes and sizes, filled with a fragrance oil and create both a cold or hot scent throw. They can come in the form of mini Wax Melts, Wax Melt Snap Bars, Wax Tarts or even Wax Brittle. Wax melts have a cold scent throw yet they are designed to be heated gently to releasing a hot scent throw which will fill your chosen room with a delightful fragrance. Wax Melts are similar to candles but without a naked flame meaning you would require a Wax Warmer to activate an even scent distribution around your home. You can use Wax Melts in any room for example, Livingrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and even in the hallway.

Wax Melts are the flameless choice to fragrance your Home…

Wax Melts are potentially a flame-free option to Fragrance your home!

The beauty of using wax melts is that they are packed with fragrance and yet do not have a wick to burn and therefore potentially do not require a naked flame. Which is perfect if, for example, you are in a rented property where naked flames and your landlord has prohibited the use of candles or naked flames as a Fire safety Rule. Also wax melts are great in the hustle and bustle of the household with small children, busy homes and active lifestyles because of the flameless aspect of the wax melt. Many people who love wax melts can safely say wax melts are versitile. Look at your lifestyle and home setting when choosing the Oil Burner / Wax Melter. Please read on to find out more.

How Does A Wax Melt Work?

Wax Melts are a flameless option to fragrance your home, so how does a wax melt work? Wax Melts are designed to slowly release their fragrance as they get warm and melt. They do require some form of heat source to achieve this. The heat may come in the form of a light bulb, electricity or the traditional tealight candle. Depending on the type and design of recepticle you choose to warm the wax in your wax warmer. All Wax Warmers come in different sizes and only a certain amount of wax melts or tarts, can be used specific to the size of the well. So be sure to add small pieces of wax to avoid spillage once the wax has melted.

Choosing your Wax Melter?

When using wax melts it is really important when choosing the correct Wax Melter for your home. You have to take into consideration which room? Due to space restictions I would recomend using a smaller burner in room like the bathroom or hallways. Less wax would be need to be melted to fill your room with fragrance. Larger wax melters and Aroma Lamps are ideal for larger spaces like, living room and bedrooms, dining rooms. Always make sure you take due care and attention when deciding where to place your wax melter and always read the safety information included with your new wax melter.

Using Your Wax Melts

  1. Place your chosen style of wax melter in a safe place on a flat surface.
  2. Ensure when using the melter for the first time that the wax bowl at the top is clean.
  3. Pop 1 or 2 of our wax melts into the dish. (Or break one or 2 pieces from your snap bar)
  4. We recommend that you add a little wax at a time to make sure there is no over filling your dish or spillages.
  5. Either light your tealight or turn on your wax warmer.
  6. Sit back and wait for the wax to melt.
  7. Enjoy long lasting hours of fragrance filling your home!
  8. Once you have finishe with your warmer make sure you extinguish your tealight or turn off your warmer.
  9. For information and tips for removing your used wax we’ll explain in more detail below!
  10. Most Important: NEVER leave your wax melters on or lit when leaving the house or over night!

What fragrances do wax melts come in?

We have some fantastic news here at Melting Moments of Madness! When I first started making wax melts in 2016 I only had around 11 fragrances to choose from. Wow fast forward a few years and I now have over 200 fragranced wax melts to choose from. Our scent list is forever expanding and we always try to accomodate our customers requests and try and source a fragrance if it is not already on the fragrance list. No matter what your personal preference is there is always something for everyone, from fresh and Clean, to Fruity, Floral, Sugar and Spice, Fragrances which smell good enough to eat, without forgetting a fantastic variety of Designer and Perfume Dupes and much more. The choice is huge. Take a look at our fragrance list which is constantly being updated!

What wax warmers can I use?

We offer a fantastic range of Oil Burners, Wax Melters and Aroma Lamps here at Melting Moments of Madness. There are great variety of shapes and stylish designs to suit all of your needs and to compliment your Decor. You can swap and change throughout the seasons and store away to use over and over. You can choose the traditional burner which requires the naked flame of the tealight, the electric melter or the Aroma Lamps. The three types of burners are suitable to be used with wax melts.

Information from our supplier of Wax Melters & Oil Burners!

I am sharing this information after me reading advice on oil burners, wax melters and Aroma Lamps from my supplier. As far as my supplier is aware all oil burners available to us are suitable to use with wax melts. Infact, according to our supplier, the only restiction is in reverse – ie. there are some burners (electric burners) which are only suitable for use only with wax melts and NOT with Fragrance Oils. Yet all burners should be perfectly safe with wax melts.

The Following statements are referenced from my supplier of oil burners and wax melters

“To the best of our knowledge, there is only one reason why some manufacturers are sometimes ‘on the fence’ as to whether their products are suitable for use with wax, and as such you can sometimes find little paper advice slips inside the packaging of oil burners which have statements such as ‘it is not recommended to use wax melt products with this item’.

The reason, as far as we are aware, boils down to (excuse the pun) the size of the bowl, or dish.”

  • The burners available vary in size, the size and depth of the boels will also vary in size.
  • When using oil you can see the exact amount you are adding. You can make sure it does not overflow. So it is obvious when to stop adding oil.
  • Wax Melts are not in a liquid state when added to the bowl. They may also vary in size, shape and volume.
  • Add small amounts of wax at a time to ensure the bowl does not overflow.
  • For the reason above some manufacturuers therefore steer clear, with caution, of recommending use with wax melts. You only know once the wax has melted if you have added too much.
  • If the bowl / dish is small (as with some of the burners we sell), then a medium or large wax melt, once melted, may overfill the bowl with wax, and cause the wax to overspill.
  • Now – and we cannot make this clear enough – overfilling your burner with wax is dangerous, and is a serious safety concern! Overflowing wax can cause fire!
  • However, to the best of the knowledge of our supplier, there is no reason why any burner cannot be used with wax melts, so long as the wax is added gradually, and with care.
  • By gradually adding small chunks of wax and monitoring the fill level in the bowl will help to avoid overspills.
  • As far as we are aware, there are no other reasons why any of our burners cannot be used with wax melt products.

Please Note:

Appropriate sized tealight are to be used whilst operating any of our burners. (particularly smaller ones). A larger tealight in a small burner can mean that the naked flame is too close to the bottom of the bowl / dish, and this must be avoided, as it could potentially cause the bowl or dish to overheat and crack. Provided that small tealights are used in small burners, there is no safety issue that we are aware of concerning overheating

Hopefully the above information can clarify any concerns you may have. I personally have 5 different styles of burners around my home and use them on regular occasions. I tend to use x2 wax melts at a time and find this is an adequat amount per burner. However, I know a few of my customers use more melts at one time. It is best to use 1 or 2 wax melts or 1 or 2 pieces of snap bar, at one time and allow to melt, before adding more to your burner.

How to remove the wax & clean your wax warmer

Use these easy steps to ensure your get the most from using your wax melts. Make sure you keep your dish clean, removing any residue wax before replacing it with new wax. Our aim is to provide the best experience while using wax melts. Whilst creating the best quality fragrance, in the safest and best possible way. Please take a look at our tips and advice for removing your wax melts safely.

Follow these Steps….

  1. Always extinguish your tealight / unplug your power cord first, before cleaning.
  2. Discard wax once the fragrance has dimished.
  3. There are a couple of ways to disgard of your used wax melts…..
  4. if wax is still liquified – use a cotton wool ball to soak up the wax. Wipe clean and add fresh wax melts.
  5. Allow the dish to cool to room temperature. Place the dish in the freezer for 30 minutes to shrink the wax. Remove from freezer, tip the bowl and the wax will drop out. Allow the bowl to return to room temperature before reusing.
  6. If the wax has set, light tealight / turn power on long enough to loosen the wax from the bowl. Wipe clean and add more wax.
  7. Never use a sharp object to get rid of the wax because you may damage the structure of the bowl.

Once you’ve removed the wax, discard of it safely and wipe the dish clean with a cloth. Your  ScentGlow Warmer is then ready for your next Scent Plus Melt!

Wax melts are an easy and effective way to spread beautiful fragrance in your home. Safe and fuss-free, our melts are suitable for all! Browse our collection of Scent Plus Melts to discover your next favourite fragrance, or visit our blog page for the latest home décor updates.


One last thing, here’s a few warnings you should read carefully before using wax melts and your wax Warmer:

  • Do not place this Warmer where it can fall into water such as near a sink or bathtub.
  • Immediately UNPLUG Warmer if it falls into water.
  • Use the Warmer only for its intended purpose.
  • The Warmer may become very hot. Always allow the Warmer to cool before handling.
  • When in operation, keep away from things that catch fire.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Do not touch or move the liquid wax until it has cooled and solidified.
  • Do not place water in the Warmer dish.
  • This product is for indoor use only.
  • Discontinue using Warmer if any glass component becomes chipped or scratched.
  • This product is not a toy.

To read our full safety guide and information please see this link.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you found it to be informative.

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