Wax Melt Fragrance List

  • Wax Melt Fragrance List

Melting Moments of Madness

Wax Melt Fragrance List

Welcome to our wax melt fragrance list.

First of all, I am happy to let you know that we have well over 150 fragranced wax melts to choose from.  We have come a long way since starting with around 15 fragrances back in 2016 and as a result from customer requests our fragrance list just seems to keep expanding, therefore now,  giving a wide versatile selection to choose from.  With there having so many types of scents on the market today, we use the best quality suppliers for our fragrances to ensure we have a decent scent throw. Everyone is unique in their preference to different scents, as a result, we try to ensure a wide variety is on offer.  Whether you prefer a fresh and clean fragrance with a more delicate nature to a strong bold scent which creates impact, there is something for everyone in our wax melt fragrance list.

A number of fragrances are naturally stronger and may come across as more powerful that others.  Some however have a naturally delicate complexion and are not so intense but equally pleasant.  Our designer and perfume types are no way afilliated with the famous names and designers, although may be similar in identity.  We are not trying to mislead you to believe that we have the unique designer brands. Some of our fragranced wax melts may share the same name and have a similar style or identity.

Melting moments of Madness would love to hear from you if there are scents which you would like to see on our wax melt fragrance list which are not yet available. We will try our best to source it for you.

Finally, we have also introduced Wax Melt Snap Bars to our range and these can be made up in any scent from the wax melt fragrance list below. These seem to be prooving extremely popular.

New Fragrances for February 2019


Peppercorn & Raspberry

Plum & Rhubarb

Cranberry Wreath


Apple Cinnamon

Orange & Cinnamon

Cotton Fresh

Woodland Sea Salt


Mimosa Mandarin

My Valentine

Cocounut Lime Verbena

Mermaid Kisses


Fresh Cut Roses

Rhubarb & Rose

Wild Bluebell similar to Zaflora

Velvet Orchid similar to

Boss Orange

Plum Rose & Patchouli

Lemon Grass & Ginger

Spirit Similar to Famous Type

Lemon & Lime

Musk & Sandalwood

Thai Lime & Mango

Rhubarb & Custard


White Patchouli Similar to TF

Eterninty similar to CK

11 New Fragrances for August 2018

Basil & Mint

Foamy Call Similar type to Soap & Glory

Optimism similar type to Boss – Orange
Shimmering spruce & Peppermint
Firey Cinnamon
Summer Breeze similar type to Lenor
Avobath similar type to Lush

Bliss similar type toUnstoppables
Dreams similar type to Unstoppables
Aventos For Her Type
Opportunity similar type to High Street Perfume

6 New Fragrances for May 2018

Beautiful World similar type to Lacome – La Vie Est Belle

Daisy Similar type to Marc Jacobs
Dark Blossom Similar type to Black Orchid – Tom Ford
Eucalyptus & Spearmint
Peony & Blush Suede similar type to JM
Millionaire similar type to 1 Million – Paco Rabanne

Wax Melt Fragrance List

***Designer & Perfume***
Alien similar type to Alien Thiery Mugler

Angelica similar type to Angel

Aranya similar type to Ariana Grande

Candy Girl similar type to AG

Aquarius similar type to Cool Water

Aventos similar type to Creed Aventus

Apollo similar type to the popular scent

Adventurous Man similar type to Adventure Davidoff

Blue Water similar type to Cool Water Davidoff

Waterfall similar type to Davidoff Cool Water Woman

Black Magic
Blue Sugar similar type to Aquolina

Bon Bon similar type to Viktor & Rolf

Flower Bomb similar type to Viktor & Rolf

Flower Blast similar type to Viktor & Rolf
Beach Bum similar type to Beach Bobbi Brown

Cee 1 similar type to the popular scent

Cherub similar type to the popular scent

Classique similar type to JP Gautier

Eternal similar type to Classique JP Gautier

Eternal Summer similar type to Classique Summer JP Gautier

Cashmere similar type to DKNY
Delicious similar type to Be Delicious DKNY

Diamonds similar type to Georgio Armani

D&G similar type to the popular scent

Energy similar type to Higher Energy Dior

Engage similar type to Hugo Boss – Boss the Scent
Euphoric similar type to Euphoria CK

Frenzy similar type to Fahrenheit Dupe

Goddess similar type to Olympea Paco Rabanne
Million Dollar Gal similar type to Lady Million Paco Rabanne
Heavenly similar type to Escada Turquoise Summer

Issy Miyaki

Impulsive similar type to Gucci Rush Type

Jovan Musk

Jupe similar type to Joop Homme
James Chew similar type to Jimmy Choo

Kilimanjaro similar to Volcano Capri Blue

Mediterranean Azure similar type to Tom Ford

Midnight Pomegranate similar type to BBW
Patchouli Passion
Amber Romance similar type to Vic Secrets
Love Potion similar type to Love Spell Vic Secrets

Lady Dove similar type to Dove Soap
Le Male similar type to JPG
Lemon Lavender similar type to yankee

Dazey similar type to Daisy Marc Jacobs

Opulence similar type to Decandence Marc Jacobs
Whimsical similar type to Violet Marc Jacobs
Blackberry & Bay similar type to JM
Blue Agava & Cacao similar type to JM
Earl Grey & Cucumber similar to JM
Fig & Cassis similar type to JM

Lime, Basil & Mandarin similar type to JM

Pear & Freesia similar type to JM
Noir similar type to Pomegranate Noir JM
Honey Bee Sweet
Rock Chick
Rock Candy

Oudh Touch similar type to Frank Olivier
Kismet similar type to Karma Lush

Snow Fairy similar type to Lush
Stylish Woman

Touch of Pink similar type to Lacoste


***Fresh & Clean***

Aqua Blossom and coral
Blue Coral and Sea Salt
Fresh Linen
Clean Breeze
Mediterranean Spa
Glacier Falls
Clean Cotton
Bedtime Baby
Baby Powder
Baby Fresh

Seaside Breeze
Seaside Cotton
Sultry Sandalwood
Amber Glow and Cedar
Fountain of Youth
Butterfly Hugs
Sea Cucumber
Tobacco Leaf
Sweet Tea Zing

Seaside Breeze
Fountain Of Youth



Black Cherry Explosion
Berry Delight

Bermuda Triangle
Bite Me

Cherry Boost
Cranberry fig
Cranberry Peppermint
Cranberry Orange

Cranberry & Oranges

Creamy Coconut
Coconut Lime explosion


Bermuda Triangle

Love Juic

Fresh Orange
Fruit Loop similar type to lemon drizzle cake
Green Apple Explosion
Grapefruit & Sugarcane
Lime,Basil and Mango


Jamaica Me Crazy

Love Juice
Mega Melon Balls
Monkey Farts

Pink Grapefruit

Rock Candy
Strawberry Jam & Vanilla
Strawberry Jam
Strawberries & Cream
Tropical Soda Pop


***Food & Drink***
Blueberry Cheesecake similar type to yankee
Blue Hawaiian
Better Than Sex Cake
Strawberry Shortcake
Blue Raspberry Slushie
Champagne Pomegranate
Pina Colada
Strawberry shake
Baked Cookies

Fruit Loop / Lemon Drizzle cake

Vanilla Cocobean


Blossom and Spring Rain similar type to yankee

Coconut and Coral Flower

Hibiscus and Sea Breeze
Lavender flowers
Magnolia and Orange Blossom
Oriental Cherry Blossom

Sweet Pea

Sweet Tulip

Fine and Dandy
Pink Orchid and Amber

Hyacinth Bouquet



***Sugar & Sweet***
Bubble Gum
Sweet Dip
Palma Violets
Pink Sugar
Candy Floss
Candy Clouds
Candy Crush
Cola Cubes
Strawberry Bon Bon
Lemon Sherbet


Campfire Marshmallow
Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy



***Christmas Fragrances***

A Merry Morning

Angel’s Whispers

Apple Strussel


Balsam & Cedar

Candy Cane

Christmas Cranberries

Christmas Tree
Cinnamon Swirl
Christmas Memories
Christmas Cookies
Christmas Spice
Crimson Cranberry Sparkler
Cool Yule

Elf Sweat / Cola Cubes

Jingle Bell Beries

Fairy Dust

Festive fig & Snowberry

Frosted Candy Apple

Hippy Christmas

Home for the Hols
Mistletoe & Ivy
Mrs claus Cookies
Jack Frost
Red Hot Cinnamon

Santa’s Whiskers

Snow Fae

Snowy Splendour

The Snowman Balls

Snowflake Sparkle

Twinkle Belle

Winter Carnival

(Please note we do have some Seasonal Fragrances throughout the year and others just throughout the Christmas period)


New Car Scent
Soft Leather


***Rock Chick & Noir are currently out of stock***

Check out our facebook page and group and keep up to date with new fragrances and offers.

Wax Melt Fragrance List