White Ceramic Unicorn Head Oil Burner


White Unicorn Head Oil Burner

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White Ceramic Unicorn Head Oil Burner

Product Code: MMOM/SC60201

Product Description:

This classic beautifully shaped white ceramic unicorn head oil burner / wax melter is complimented with painted eyes and a golden horn and finished with a high gloss glaze.  This oil burner is of a good quality standard.

This is an absolute favourite with horse lovers.

Measures 15cm (h) x 12cm (w,d).

Our Oil Burners work perfect with our wax melts

Our ceramic oil burners are not only stylish but also excellent value for money and we offer options to have your oil burner made up into a gift set, gift wrapped for any occasion.

This White Ceramic Unicorn head Oil Burner includes

  • White Ceramic Unicorn head Oil Burner
  • Boxed

Available in 1 colour: White

Dimensions: Height: 15cm  x Width/Diameter:  12cm

Material: Ceramic

Packed Weight: 340g


Options Available

1: Oil burner Only

2: Oil Burner, x10 Mixed Wax Melts and x5 Tealights, Gift wrapped

3: Oil Burner, x20 Mixed Wax Melts and x10 Tealights, Gift Wrapped


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Discover the delights of the wonderful world of wax melts here at Melting Moments of Madness. Fill your home with the beautiful aromas available to you today.  Wax melts have become so popular recently that many people of using them and enjoying the fragrances around the home.   We have an array of different oil burners to choose from to suit all budgets.

Our handmade bespoke wax melts compliment both the traditional oil and electric oil burners.

We have a good selection of designs available from glass, metal and ceramic.

Using your Oil Burner or Wax Warmer

Using Wax Melts?

When using wax melts, always consider how big the oil/wax well is!  Pop one wax melt or 1 piece into the well and allow to melt, making sure there is plenty of room to add another wax melt once melted, to avoid the melted wax from over flowing.

If you are using Wax Melt Snap Bars

Snap 1 or 2 pieces off, add to the well and monitor how full the well is once melted.  Add another piece if required if not too full.

If you are using Simmering Granules

When using simmering granules, add 1-2 teaspoons of simmering granules into the well and allow to melt, then add another teaspoon once you are happy the well would not overfill.

If you are using Fragrance or Essential Oils

Fill the well with water leaving a small gap to the top of the well.  A a few drops of fragrance or essential into the water.

Using a Traditional Burner

Light a tealight and place it underneath the bowl and let the aroma fill the room.

 Oil Burner Safety

It is important that you use your oil burner safely as it can be potentially dangerous if not used correctly.


  • Safety must be a primary consideration when deciding where to place your burner while it is in operation.
  • Please ensure your oil burner is well out of the reach of children and pets as hot wax can burn.
  • Every home should  have a working smoke detector, if not, now would be a good idea to invest in one.
  • Never leave your oil burner unattended and be mindful to extinguish before leaving home.
  • Place your burner carefully away from curtains and any flamable materials or volatile liquids and open windows.
  • Keep away from volatile liquids (perfumes, solvents such as nail polish remover etc.
  • Finally – we recommend that you do not leave oil burners operating while you sleep.

By following these simple and sensible precautions, you will stay safe and be able to enjoy what oil burners can do for you.

Additional information

Choose Option

1 Oil Burner Only, 2 Oil Burner, x10 Wax Melts & x5 Tealights, 3 Oil Burner, x20 Wax Melts & x10 Tealights


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