Designer & Perfume Inspired

Designer and Perfume Inspired Wax Melts

Designer & Perfume Inspired Wax Melts

We have a great selection of fragrances to choose from, something for everyone, perfumes, aftershaves and fragrances which are similar to some designers.
Melting Moments of Madness take pride in producing wax melts to a very high standard.
Our Designer & Perfume type wax melts are not afilliated with the high end designers, but just smell similar in identity to the perfume.
Melting Moments of Madness Designer & Perfume type wax melts will speak for themselves, once you have tried them, you will be coming back for more.
We use high quality fragrance oils and soy wax.

Please take note that our Designer & Perfume wax melts are similar too in style and are not the high end designer themselves, make up your own mind to the quality they hold.

Please take great care when burning your wax melts and make sure you read carefully the warning information to ensure you sure our products the safest way possible.
Please remember oil burners require a naked flame.
Whereever there is fire there is a risk.
Please take great precaution when using your oil burner.

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Showing 1–30 of 90 results